The Crown sparks fury over plans to air King Charles’ split from Diana at ‘delicate time’

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The Crown has sparked fury as it plans to detail King Charles’ split from Princess Diana in detail. The Netflix show is back for a new series, with the upcoming season set to document the breakdown of the marriage of Prince of Wales’ and Princess Diana. However, the decision has been criticised as it comes just weeks after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the King’s mother, and his own accession to the throne.


The Crown sparks fury over plans to air King Charles' split from Diana at 'delicate time'

Sources claimed it was too much of a “delicate” time for this part of the story to be told, especially with more focus on the monarch following his accession. The King’s coronation has also been confirmed for next year. A source told The Sun of the upcoming series: “This couldn’t have come at a more delicate time for the new King and his Queen Consort, particularly as they’re riding high in the minds of the public. “There’s a sense that Netflix are muckraking over events that took place 30 to 40 years ago, but are still raw for those involved.”


The Crown sparks fury over plans to air King Charles' split from Diana at 'delicate time'
Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki

The insider added: “The worst element for the royals is that millions of people around the world will view this series and view it less as a drama and more as a documentary. “And attention on the Windsors couldn’t be higher as it’s been just a few weeks since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and is in the run-up to the King’s coronation.” Representatives for Netflix have been contacted by The Mirror for comment.


The Crown sparks fury over plans to air King Charles' split from Diana at 'delicate time'
Dominic West plays Prince Charles

When the Queen passed away, filming was briefly paused on The Crown as a mark of respect for the monarch. Peter Morgan, the creator, said the show “would stop filming out of respect” for a period of time. “The Crown is a love letter to her and I’ve nothing to add for now, just silence and respect. I expect we will stop filming out of respect too,” he said in an email to Deadline at the time.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly said to be “concerned” as the new series promises an “all out war” between Charles and Diana. A senior royal source stressed that The Crown is ‘a drama not a documentary’ as the show is set to prove uncomfortable viewing for the Palace, the Telegraph reports of the upcoming series. A spokesman for the streaming giant also confirmed that the series had been completed prior to the Queen’s death and no changes have been made to it since.


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