Taylor Swift’s ‘very ordinary life’ living in £7m London flat with boyfriend Joe

The Real Truth About Taylor Swift Bisexual Rumours Revealed


Taylor Swift seems to be living in London with long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn following multiple engagement rumours. Taylor Swift seems to have swapped US fame for a more ‘ordinary’ life in London with her long-term boyfriend.


Taylor Swift's 'very ordinary life' living in £7m London flat with boyfriend Joe

The singing sensation is living with Joe Alwyn in London in a £7million flat that they are thought to be renting together. The 32-year-old tends to keep a lower profile when she’s in the capital with Joe. Despite her main home being in Nashville, she made London her UK base during the coronavirus lockdown. She’s enter written a song about living in London with Joe called London Boy after getting together with him back in 2017.


Taylor Swift's 'very ordinary life' living in £7m London flat with boyfriend Joe

After Joe grew up in North London, the couple split their time between Joe’s parents’ house in Highgate and his flat in Crouch End, before they upsized to their now home which is a townhouse in Primrose Hill. Taylor was spotted in London just last week as she joined Haim onstage during their concert at the O2 Arena in Thursday evening. The bank, which consists of sisters Danielle, Alana and Este, performed a mashup of their respective track Gasoline and Taylor’s classic Love Story during the show.


Taylor Swift's 'very ordinary life' living in £7m London flat with boyfriend Joe

Introducing Taylor, Danielle said: “Not only is this person that I’m about to bring out the most incredible singer, songwriter, producer, and an amazing person all round. “She’s one of our close friends, so the O2 arena – will you please welcome to the stage Taylor Swift.” Taylor then responded: “I heard that my girls were playing in London at the O2 and I thought, ‘I’m gonna have to see that.’ And it looks like there’s about 20,000 other people that also thought that, too.


Taylor Swift's 'very ordinary life' living in £7m London flat with boyfriend Joe

“We had a thought, that if we were to do some sort of mashup, we could possibly maybe get you to sing the loudest that you have sung all night.” This comes after multiples rumours emerged that Joe had popped the question to Taylor but she has been out and about without a ring on her finger. It looks as though Taylor is looking to settle down though as she reportedly purchased a modest family car so she can go incognito in London. The star apparently has bought a Nissan family car.

This is despite her huge fortune of a staggering £310 million, instead she bought the car for a mere £25,000. A source told The Sun : “Taylor loves her new practical car which means she can drive around London without getting spotted. “She could have any car she wants but knows she won’t draw any attention in her new family motor.” This is compared to her owning a £40 million Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 private jet.


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