Taylor Swift shared her Experiences in her past Relationships Breakups

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Taylor Swift is clearly doing fine on “some new s—t,” and she’s letting Swifties know during The Eras Tour. During Swift’s Saturday, July 29, concert, the Grammy winner subtly revealed how she was feeling about her past relationships and breakups.


Taylor Swift shared her Experiences in her past Relationships

“Fake love out on the town / Cryin’ in the bathroom for some dude / Whose name I cannot remember now,” Swift sang while performing “All of the Girls You Loved Before” for the Santa Clara, California, crowd, per TikTok concert footage. As she crooned the “name I cannot remember” lyrics, Swift shook her head and gave a brief wink. While the pop star — who kicked off her Eras Tour in March in Arizona — did not further reveal what the wink or the lyric represented, fans started swapping theories on social media.


Taylor Swift shared her Experiences in her past Relationships

“All of the Girls You Loved Before,” one of Swift’s Saturday surprise songs, was released earlier this year and categorized under her LP Lover. Due to the romantic lyrics and its inclusion in the 2019 album, fans immediately speculated that the track was dedicated to Joe Alwyn, Swift’s partner of six years before they split earlier this year, who was also the inspiration for several other Lover songs. After noticing Swift’s wink on Saturday, fans thought she was hinting that she has completely moved on from Alwyn, 32.


Taylor Swift shared her Experiences in her past Relationships

“Damn it’s over [for real],” a social media user tweeted on Saturday, thinking that the wink meant Swift had gotten over the Conversations With Friends alum after their April breakup. Another added: “ITS JOEVER.” Others quickly pointed out that the lyric in question was probably not about Alwyn, thinking that Jake Gyllenhaal was the more likely subject. They thought that the “cryin’ in the bathroom” line calls back to a similar line in Swift’s 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” a song that is widely rumored to be about her whirlwind romance and breakup with the Brokeback Mountain star, 42. (Neither Swift nor Gyllenhaal have ever confirmed the rumors about the lyrical inspiration.)


Taylor Swift shared her Experiences in her past Relationships

“Not weeping in a party bathroom / Some actress asking me what happened, you / That’s what happened, you,” she sings in “All Too Well,” specifically mentioning crying in a restroom as she does in “All of the Girls You Loved Before.” Swift, who released her rerecorded LP Speak Now earlier this month, also had a great time at her two Santa Clara shows beginning on Friday, July 28, because a fireworks display erupted in the middle of her “Enchanted” performance.

“You know why they did that? Because I’m mayor,” she quipped on Saturday, referring to the honorary title she was gifted for the duration of her Eras residency in town. “It happened yesterday and I was kind of hoping it would happen tonight too, and it did!”


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