Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry ‘demanded names’ after losing court battle over security

Date Prince Harry will return to the UK revealed - but Meghan Markle's attendance in doubt


Court documents show Prince Harry ‘demanded to know’ who was responsible for downgrading his Home Office police protection. Court documents reveal, in the 52-page ruling, that the Duke of Sussex “demanded to know” who had downgraded his Home Office police protection, as the Prince asked specifically for the person’s name. It comes as Prince Harry lost his High Court challenge against the Government over his security protection when visiting the UK.


Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry 'demanded names' after losing court battle over security

He had attempted to overturn a ruling that saw his security status downgraded, after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, left as “working royals” in the Firm, but a ruling by Sir Peter Lane rejected Harry’s case. It emerged in the ruling, that Prince Harry wanted to know who was responsible for the decision, saying “I would like that person’s name”, as reported in the Daily Mail. Prince Harry argued he had been treated unfairly in the changes to his police protection when he still faced security threats, with his lawyers arguing “The Duke is not asking for preferential treatment” after the High Court ruling. They also said the royal plans to appeal the decision.


Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry 'demanded names' after losing court battle over security

When Prince Harry stepped back as a working royal and moved to the US, he was no longer automatically provided with the same level of police protection given to the Royal Family, but had his security decided on a case-by-case basis, just like other high profile visitors to the UK.

Sir Peter found “there has not been any unlawfulness in reaching the decision” to revise his security, adding: “Any departure from policy was justified. The decision was not irrational. The decision was not marred by procedural unfairness.” Although not commenting on the outcome, on Wednesday afternoon, Prince Harry released a video supporting awards for children facing complex health needs.


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