Prince William facing ‘real headache’ and is ‘totally tied up’ by Prince Harry dilemma

Prince William's 'real' thoughts on Prince Harry's Netflix deal laid bare


Prince William is facing a real dilemma when it comes to his relationship with Prince Harry, according to a royal commentator. The Prince of Wales is reportedly concerned over rumours claiming Meghan Markle could be planning to release her own autobiography. Harry’s memoir, Spare, was released earlier this year and criticized senior royals, including unflattering accounts of William and his wife Princess Kate.


Prince William facing 'real headache' and is 'totally tied up' by Prince Harry dilemma

Royal author Duncan Larcombe claims William has been hesitant to contact his brother, fearing correspondence could be made public if he were to reach out. Mr Larcombe claimed: “William’s real headache is that he can’t get in touch with his brother without risking the contents of any conversation they have being made public. It is a real frustration for him and it totally ties him up.”


Prince William facing 'real headache' and is 'totally tied up' by Prince Harry dilemma

The royal expert pointed out that when Spare was released, information the Royal Family considered private came to light in a very public way. Speaking to Fabulous, he said: “It isn’t just about Harry promoting his book, the podcasts or the Oprah chat, but he has revealed some very personal and private family matters. “It’s so far over the mark of what the royals would consider acceptable and it just makes it impossible for William to trust his brother or make any move towards [reconciliation].”


Prince William facing 'real headache' and is 'totally tied up' by Prince Harry dilemma

William and Harry’s relationship has completely broken down with the Prince of Wales unable to contact his brother, Mr Larcombe opined. He added: “It’s one thing having a row with your sibling, it’s not uncommon in any family.”

He pointed to William’s decision not to wish his brother a Happy Birthday publicly and claimed this meant he didn’t want to speak about or to Harry. With rumours swirling about a potential memoir from Meghan Markle, it appears total reconciliation between William and Harry could be a long way off.


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