Prince Harry’s homesick calls to King Charles before royal event to seek ‘reassurances’

King Charles' rift with Prince Harry boils down to one major issue, claims royal expert


Prince Harry will soon return to the UK to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. He previously reached out to his father King Charles for ‘reassurance’ ahead of an important royal event. In less than two weeks, Prince Harry will fly back to the UK to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. Much has been made of his return – and he is likely feeling some trepidation about how his visit will be received.


Prince Harry's homesick calls to King Charles before royal event to seek 'reassurances'

It has been suggested in some quarters that the trip could provide the opportunity for a reunion between Harry and his family. However, his relationship with the royals has been all but estranged in recent years following his very public critical comments. And a number of experts have dismissed the idea of a reconciliation between William and his brother. Harry’s popularity in the UK has also plummeted since his departure from royal life. As such he is likely apprehensive about his return – much as he was prior to his father’s Coronation in May 2023, which he attended alone.


Prince Harry's homesick calls to King Charles before royal event to seek 'reassurances'

The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers previously revealed that Prince Harry had been making “homesick” calls to his father seeking “reassurances” ahead of his visit to the UK for the Coronation. Harry was said to be worried about security arrangements and “where would he be placed within any kind of seating plan”. He had also been “seeking reassurances” from King Charles and was “homesick”, according to Myers, who was speaking to Sky News Australia. “He’s homesick, he does miss his family,” Mr Myers told the news station.


Prince Harry's homesick calls to King Charles before royal event to seek 'reassurances'

However, it seems Harry has decided his future lies in the States. It was recently revealed that the Duke has changed his residential status from the UK to the US, with the move being backdated to June 29, 2023 to coincide with Harry and Meghan’s eviction from Frogmore Cottage. Commentator Sean O’Grady has claimed that Harry’s latest move is a “further sign that he’s gone to California for good”. He also suggested it marks the start of a new chapter for the Sussexes as they continue with their move into the world of Hollywood.


Prince Harry's homesick calls to King Charles before royal event to seek 'reassurances'

Writing in The Independent, he said: “It is a bit painful to reflect on all the goodwill for the future heaped on Harry and Meghan when they got married, only six years ago next month. Whoever is to blame for the collapse in their relationship with Britain since, the country lost something quite special when the Sussexes decamped to North America.” The royal expert suggested Harry could one day seek US citizenship, explaining: “The next logical step for the couple is to become Mr and Mrs Sussex. Then it will be how long before the Duke of Sussex seeks US citizenship, complete with passport?”

Harry previously spoke about whether he would consider applying for American citizenship during an interview with Good Morning America. Host Will Reeve asked: “Do you feel American?” Harry responded: “Do I feel American? No… I don’t know how I feel.” The host then went on to ask Harry what would stop him from applying for American citizenship. He replied: “I have no idea. I’m here standing next to these guys. The American citizenship is a thought that has crossed my mind, but certainly not something that is a priority for me right now.”


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