Prince Harry and Prince William at odds after Meghan’s ‘attack’ on Princess Kate

Prince Harry and Meghan 'leave Kate Middleton deeply upset with new brand operation'


Harry and Meghan may now find it difficult to mend their relationship with William and Kate, a commentator has claimed.Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship has been strained by Meghan Markle and Princess Kate’s previous clashes, a royal commentator has claimed. The Sussexes’ relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales has suffered in recent years, with the tension starting after reports revealed that Meghan and Kate clashed before the Sussexes wedding in 2018.


Prince Harry and Prince William at odds after Meghan's 'attack' on Princess Kate

Harry and Meghan have also criticised the royals in a number of interviews, Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ and the couple’s Netflix series. Royal commentator Lauren Chen told GB News that Harry and Meghan’s criticism of the royals may make it difficult for them to build bridges with William and Kate. She said: “When it comes to the brothers, I think there’s a lot of animosity and tension there, rightfully so. This also comes on the heels of Meghan launching another attack against Princess Kate.


Prince Harry and Prince William at odds after Meghan's 'attack' on Princess Kate

She said: “So I just can’t imagine that this is going to be a comfortable reunion for everybody, which is so sad because ultimately health news like this, it’s a reminder for us all that we should cherish our loved ones. “But I don’t believe that Harry and Meghan are really in a position to put everything they’ve done behind them when it really seems like just last week they were still trading blows with the Royals.”


Prince Harry and Prince William at odds after Meghan's 'attack' on Princess Kate

Meghan remained at the couple’s home in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.Ms Chen believes Meghan could have faced criticism for traveling to the UK, but ultimately believes that would have been the better option. She added: “I understand there are two opinions for Meghan. Should she have gone and maybe used this very serious news as a way to extend an olive branch and try to put everything behind them?

“We see instead she’s staying in California – I guess it could be argued she doesn’t want to make this whole situation about her, but at the same time, the King is her father-in-law, and I don’t think it’s outrageous to think that perhaps she could use this news to extend her well wishes and to try to make amends herself with King Charles.”


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