Patrick Mahomes is set to become the NFL’s highest-paid player: How much is he making?

How Patrick Mahomes makes his money: Adidas, Whoop and the Chiefs


Currently, Patrick Mahomes is not only the most recent Super Bowl winner but he is also the recently named MVP for the 2022-23 season. When he signed his most recent contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, he did it for 12 years and an average $45 million per season. But recently, Lamar Jackson has the highest-paid deal with the recent $52 guaranteed million per season with the Baltimore Ravens. It was expected that the Chiefs acknowledged Patrick Mahomes as the best by taking another look at his current contract and eventually reach an agreement worthy of the best NFL player who is currently active. Perhaps there is a debate about who is actually the best but the results, accolades, and stats are definitely on Patrick Mahomes’s side.


Patrick Mahomes is set to become the NFL's highest-paid player: How much is he making?

When can Patrick Mahomes’ new deal be announced?

According to Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, Chiefs’ GM Brett Veach has already mildly talked about a potential new deal for Patrick Mahomes. Despite not getting into any specifics, he did offer Mike Florio some clues of how this deal might look like when it happens. Bottom line, Florio is convinced we can expect Patrick Mahomes to become the NFL’s highest-paid athlete before the next season begins. This obviously means he will earn more than the $52 million per season Lamar Jackson is already getting. The main difference between Mahomes and Jackson is that Lamar sealed his deal for the next three season. Whereas Patrick probably wants a longer deal than that one.


Patrick Mahomes is set to become the NFL's highest-paid player: How much is he making?

Mike Florio also said that the Kansas City Chiefs probably want to wait until the final days before the season starts in order to close the deal. This is due to the many quarterback contract currently being negotiated by other teams with their respective QBs. The plan is to have the best player in the league as the highest-paid no matter what by the start of the season. Chiefs are aware that Patrick Mahomes has the potential to become the next in line to Tom Brady’s throne and they want him to feel as such. If Lamar Jackson is already making $52 million per year, how much should Patrick Mahomes get?


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