‘Not that wealthy’: Prince Harry cornered over cancellation of bombshell memoir

King Charles III will be 'ruthless' if Harry and Meghan continue 'unfair attacks'


Prince Harry and Meghan now reportedly have a combined worth of $60million (£49million). Prince Harry is reportedly trying to amend damning parts of his tell-all bombshell memoir in a bid to reconcile with the Royal Family following the Queen’s death. However, it remains unclear whether the Duke of Sussex can still edit the book, with some royal commentators saying it might be too little too late. Author and Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl says a cancellation could still be in the cards but it would mean handing back an advance of £17.5million to the publisher.


'Not that wealthy': Prince Harry cornered over cancellation of bombshell memoir

When asked whether the book could be stopped, the royal author told GB News: “Anything is possible. “And it could potentially be stopped but that’s going to involve him giving that 17 million back. “And given one of the key reasons they left the royal family was to be financially independent, how are they going to make money? “They do need to make money, they’re both relatively wealthy in their own right.”


'Not that wealthy': Prince Harry cornered over cancellation of bombshell memoir
Katie Nicholl said Harry could scrap the book with a get-out clause

Ms Nicholl added: “But they’re not that wealthy that they can just afford to give that back. “There’s a mortgage, there’s a lot of things to be done. “I haven’t seen his contract obviously. I would imagine having signed my new recent book contract myself that there is a get-out clause – there usually is. “But you can’t take the money and execute the get-out clause.” The first book, which could be released by the end of the year, is part of a £35million four-book deal with Penguin House. Using the get-out clause would mean losing all the profits associated with the release of the book.


'Not that wealthy': Prince Harry cornered over cancellation of bombshell memoir

According to Celebrity New Worth, Prince Harry and Meghan now have a combined worth of $60million (£49million). But the couple have several major investments to pay back like the palatial mansion in the Santa Barbara neighbourhood of Montecito, which reportedly costs a staggering $14.6 million (£13million). Since the Queen’s death, speculations have swirled around the book’s release and what Prince Harry might do to avert a deepened rift with the Royal Family.

While some claimed the Duke is scrambling to make last-minute changes, others said he could scrap the book altogether. Royal biographer Tina Brown believes the memoir “will never see the light of the day” because it will destroy any chance he has of reconnecting with the Royal Family. The book was orginally slated for release in late 2022 but was reportedly pushed back to 2023.


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