Meghan Markle’s silent ‘cry for help’ while Prince Harry was away spotted by onlookers

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During Harry’s recent trip to Japan and Singapore the Duchess of Sussex was seen wearing an anti-stress patch as she ran errands in Montecito. Meghan Markle may be struggling with the more stressful aspects of her life, particularly when her husband Prince Harry is not by her side. While the Duke was in Japan and Singapore earlier this month, Meghan was spotted wearing a small blue patch on her wrist as she ran errands out and about in Montecito.


Meghan Markle's silent 'cry for help' while Prince Harry was away spotted by onlookers

Experts have claimed this could be a “stress patch” by NuCalm, which works by shutting off the brain’s normal “fight or flight” response by sending out electromagnetic frequencies. The Daily Record reported that the device could be sending a silent message to Harry to show him that she is finding things difficult without him. Both Harry and Meghan have been open about their mental health issues in the past and have advocated for people to speak out and get help when they are struggling.


Meghan Markle's silent 'cry for help' while Prince Harry was away spotted by onlookers

An inside source told Closer magazine that the Duke became extremely concerned when he saw his wife wearing the stress patch. They said: “There’s a real fear that this patch is a way for her to send a silent but effective cry for help to the people in her orbit — in particular, Harry. “It’s an SOS that could signal that she’s really struggling with the sheer scale of stress and the weight of responsibility that’s on her shoulders.” While Harry was away Meghan managed to unwind by spending time with friends, including going to watch Barbie at the cinema to celebrate her 42nd birthday.


Meghan Markle's silent 'cry for help' while Prince Harry was away spotted by onlookers

The source added that the Duchess is also a big fan of yoga and meditation and “exercises most days”. They said: “She’s feeling quite needy because there’s so much uncertainty at the moment”, explaining that her mother Doria Ragland and her friends have been assuring her she is doing a “great job”. The insider continued that despite all these stressbusters Harry is still worried about Meghan, saying: “Harry has been desperately worried about Meghan and all the stress she’s had to endure for longer than he can remember.

“He’s been imploring her to hang in there but is fully aware of how hard it is because he suffers the same difficulties coping with it himself. “The fact she’s now resorting to wellness patches to cope makes Harry even more concerned.”


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