Tips For Traveling With Southwest Airlines     

If you live in the Southwest or need to travel to the Southwest, you travel with Southwest Airlines most of the time. Airline guide to know all the flights available and the arrival and departure times, as well as the fares and all the necessary information about your trip. However, in order to save money … Read more

Top Four Things You Need To Know About Executive Jet 

many companies still take their top executives across the country or even worldwide to attend important meetings. Without their own business jet, instead of flying with their CEOs or first class commercial flights, the trend is to charter a private business jet for executives.    Why charter a private airliner? There are four reasons why … Read more

Cheap Air Travel Checklist   

You will find that you need checklists and more checklists every time you travel. Every trip has a standard checklist and a corresponding checklist.   A short weekend getaway to Niagra Falls doesn’t require a passport or you do. You might want to travel to Canada to see the falls from the other side. The … Read more

What is the safest seat on an airplane?   

P A question that fearful airline passengers often ask is: What is the safest seat on an airplane? The answer: none, because accidents can break out anywhere on the plane.   Some people think the closer you are to an emergency exit, the safer it is. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. A fire can break … Read more