Celebrate St. Nicholas ‘Day on Curaçao   

Every year in December, locals and tourists on the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao celebrate the traditional Dutch holiday known as St. Nicholas’ Day. In the weeks leading up to the holiday on December 5th, Sinterkla is the Dutch forerunner of the American Santa Claus who shows up on the islands and hands out presents. Like the Christmas season in America, the weeks around St. Nicholas Day are a very exciting time for Curaçao and its sister islands. If you visit Curacao this year, add a little fun to your vacation by partaking in some of the traditions of this particular holiday.


Since the character known as Sinterklaas appears every year to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, the fictional character in Dutch custom certainly bears a resemblance to the venerated saint. Saint Nicholas was actually bishop of Myra, a city in what is now Turkey, in the 4th century.In the Catholic Church, Nicholas became the patron saint of children, as numerous stories claimed that the bishop saved many children from destitute lives, some from death. Today Sinterklaas appears in Europe and the Caribbean in the traditional red costume. Cape and miter (pointed hat) of the Catholic bishops. He wears a gold crook known as a crook and carries a large book under his arm with the names of each child, with names of who has been mean or kind (zoet or stocky in the Dutch tradition) as is the American version of Santa Claus Based on much of this Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas is also known for its large white beard.


As much as Santa Claus is dependent on the help of his elves to bring presents to all the children of the world, Sinterklaas employs several helpers known as Zwarte Pieten. Beginnings of a medieval tale about the devil.A few weeks before the party, Sinterklaas will make his planned arrival on the island. Immediately afterwards, Sinterklaas and his assistants lead a parade through the streets and distribute goodies. In the weeks leading up to St. Nicholas Day, Sinterklaas can be seen in shopping malls and resorts across Curaçao, interacting with excited children and curious adults. Due to the holidays, many resorts and tourist destinations have special events during the season and tourists are always encouraged to attend.


If you are visiting Curaçao with your family during this Christmas season, you can also partake in the traditions of the Santa Claus gift. While Sinterklaas is on Curaçao, it is common for children to place their shoes near the fireplace or each other’s front door. Evening.Today’s Christmas tradition still says that Sinterklaas and his helpers take a flight every night and throw candy and other small gifts over every fireplace on your shoes. You can also celebrate St. Nicholas by creating a gift night on the eve of the holidays or by receiving gifts from Sinterklaas the next morning.


In Dutch tradition, families often hear a knock on the door and find a sack of gifts outside for the whole family. If you are staying at a resort on Curacao during the holidays, the resort staff can help you celebrate. traditional holiday with his family.


With St. Nicholas Day being in the middle of the tourist season in Curacao, there is no better time to visit the island. During your stay in Curacao, join the celebrations and add a little Old World tradition to your Caribbean vacation.

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