Tips for Flying Seaplanes in Alaska 

A Life of Adventure: Doing What You Love and Get Paid to Do – Interesting? If you’re considering a career change, you might want to consider going to Alaska to become a seaplane or bush pilot.


At least it’s a great idea for summer vacation when you just can’t handle the job change. These pilots live a life most of us will only dream of. Think of it this way when you have to justify moving to see your significant other: If your place of residence is very hot and humid in the summer, lower temperatures are practically guaranteed to provide relief from the heat in the form of lower Alaska temperatures. (If you are lucky).


Fast forward to your winter life.Imagine the adrenaline rush of flying over a glacier and then landing your skis on a plane on a frozen lake. There are no brakes here, all you have to do is use your wits and a little luck!


Are you looking for a more subtle adventure? You can fly out into the great outdoors on charter flights the rest of the year and drop people off for a day fishing, hiking, nature watching, or the like, and then come back at the end of the day. to collect them and bring them back to civilization. Talk about the ideal job for a pilot!


There are thousands of lakes in Alaska to land on, or if you prefer, pop in your tundra tires and find a flat spot to land in the wild. explore on your own!The great thing about this particular mount is that not only is it super portable, but the further the plane throws it, the deeper it sinks into the ground, protecting you from those breakaway tornadoes that keep threatening to throw off your small investment.


There’s some kind of fancy math equation for how The Claw works, and if you want to solve it, you can go ahead. For the rest of us, trust me, this device is pretty cool. It’s easy to take with you as it crumbles and even has its own storage bag.


However, every story always has two sides. Living in Alaska means you probably won’t see most of your family as often as you’d like (or if it’s the in-laws who might not be that bad, right?) And every day on the plane doesn’t have to be be idyllic.


If you have a flying job, you have to be in all weathers; much of it as far from ideal conditions as you can imagine. You need to have a lot of training, experience, and the courage to move on when you know you really shouldn’t. Work runs the risk of losing the excitement and reward you get from it.


If this point is still your interest and I haven’t dissuaded you, then chances are you’re going to do it with hooks or crooks.Warm clothes

6. Camera

7. Swimmer (weather permitting)

8 Skiing (weather permitting)

9. A guide who knows where the best places to visit are


Generally speaking, the idea of ​​spending time in Alaska with your family (or just on your plane, if that’s the kind of you) can be a reality for most people.All it takes is a little research, a little planning, and before you know it, embark on an adventure worth writing home about!

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