The close relationship between Vancouver and Hong Kong   

Canada and Hong Kong have had a close and long-standing trade and economic relationship for decades. The socio-economic and commercial relationship between Canada and Hong Kong dates back to 1928 when Canada established its Consulate General in Hong Kong in the Exchange Building on Pedder Street. In fact, Canada is considered one of Hong Kong’s largest trading partners. It is estimated that there are more than 150 Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong, including companies specializing in information technology, construction and engineering, financial and insurance services, and brokerage services.


In addition, more than 450 Canadian firms are represented through agents, distributors and joint venture partners, which in turn has created the largest Canadian overseas business community in Asia. Air Canada and Manulife are just a few of the leading and successful Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong.According to certain records, sales as a result of the Hong Kong-Canada economic partnership in 2006 were C $ 5.6 billion. In summary, more than 2,550,000 Canadian citizens were counted happily living and working in Hong Kong. In fact, with over 1,200 members, the Hong Kong Canadian Chamber of Commerce is considered the largest outside Canada.


Conversely, many Hong Kong residents also live and work in Canada, especially in Canadian areas such as Vancouver, Toronto and Richmond. to a lively economic partnership between two nations. Both Hong Kong and British Columbia are considered gateways.While Hong Kong serves as the gateway to Asia, Vancouver serves as the gateway for Asian business companies to access the fashion markets in North America. The close relationship between Canada and Hong Kong is reinforced by Canada’s support for the Hong Kong-developed context, one country, two systems, which in turn is incorporated into the Basic Law. Additionally, Vancouver-based Fraser Institute has consistently ranked Hong Kong as the world’s freest economy for nearly 13 years.


Hong Kong and Canada not only have close economic and commercial ties, but also school and education systems; for example, according to certain records, one in five Hong Kong students prefers to stay and study in Canada. Many Canadian students also study in Hong Kong, which is evidenced by the large number of Canadian international schools in Hong Kong.This, in turn, has helped strengthen relationships between the people of Hong Kong and Canada. In addition to school and education, Hong Kong and Canada also have close ties in sectors such as construction and food production.


Understanding the importance of the close relationship between Vancouver and Hong Kong, many airlines today offer convenient and cheap flights between Hong Kong and Vancouver from Vancouver to Hong Kong per week, Oasis Hong Kong’s main goal is to bridge the distance between Hong Kong and Canada, which makes it possible to improve tourism and trade as well as trade between these two incredible Hong Kong oasis from Vancouver and London in the UK.

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