Jet Aviation Sold to Permira Funds

Jet Aviation, which was sold to the funds of the authorization.

Some industry leaders believe the company is more valuable to its parts than it is as a stand-alone company, so parts of the company could be sold and remain a downsized Jet Aviation. Sale Includes:

1. US Maintenance Facilities With prime locations in Bedford, Teterboro, West Palm Beach and Dallas, US facilities are able to provide expert support to nearly all types of commercial aircraft.

2.Termination centers. Some or all of the company’s award-winning completion centers are considered very marketable. From the Boeing BBJ to the Gulfstream 550 to the Sikorsky S70A, which are delivered “green” to Jet Aviation, the systems are equipped with the latest technology. Inside rooms.

3rd FBO. Jet Aviations group of fixed operations providing domestic and international flight management, line maintenance services, refueling, passenger and crew transportation, catering and hotel accommodation, and immigration and customs services is a key asset to the company.

In fact, the Dubai facility, Jet Aviation’s newest FBO, is considered by some to be unmatched in the industry.

4. Jet professionals. Founded in 1983, Jet Professionals, a flight crew service provider, became part of Jet Aviation when it acquired KC Aviation Transportation Services in 1996.

5. Aircraft Management. Jet Aviation manages more than 160 aircraft worldwide, including more than 50 in the United States.Many of these aircraft are also available for charter flights.

The US operation could be sold to Jet Aviation’s strategic partner, New World Jet Corporation, a FAR Part 135 charter operator, opening up other areas. In the world of commercial aviation, the speculation remains the same.

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