Low cost airline Low level of service?     

Low-cost airlines are now commonplace in our society and since their introduction, travel abroad has been possible for the general public.


Easy Jet is considered to be the founder of low-cost air travel and starts operations from London Luton Airport. Over the years, Easy Jet has grown and now flies to many European countries. As Easy Jet grew, more and more airlines switched to Ryan Air, BMI Baby, and FlyBe, to name a few.


Not so long ago I had reason to travel to France regularly from the UK.Since my local East Midlands airport was flying from low cost airlines, I decided to take a flight and flew with BMI Baby. At that time, BMI Baby, the low-cost airline of BMI (British Midland International), flew to Paris. CDG. It was a very convenient service and took about 1 hour. The flight he took regularly left the UK at 4:00 p.m. and arrived in Paris at 6:00 p.m. local time. I don’t remember exactly how many trips I’ve made with BMI Baby, but I would risk guessing 12-15 times.


When BMI Baby started its low-cost operation out of the East Midlands, the tariffs were offered at ridiculous prices.Ridiculous to the point where they offered seats for free! Unfortunately there is the issue of taxes, so the flight was not really free. However, a return flight from Great Britain to France usually costs around 50 … 60 euros including taxes. It seems incredible how they made money off of their flights.


Although the cost was low, I found the level of service to be quite high. My flying experience with BMI Baby has almost always been excellent.Although the flight is marked as a no-frills flight, the staff was very courteous and there was always food and drink for short flights. Punctuality was excellent too!


BMI Baby discontinued the East Midlands-Paris flight and was replaced by the parent company BMI In my experience, Los prices went up as soon as BMI Baby ceased operations and handed over the baton to BMI, which is practically the same company. Losing service was very disappointing as I’d always enjoyed flying with them and the prices were easy to pay. Since then I have found alternative ways to travel from the UK to France but if BMI Baby decides to return I will be tempted to return too!


If you are thinking about moving to another country as an expat or simply buying a vacation home abroad, budget airlines are without a doubt the door to another world.Another world that was unimaginable not so long ago. Low cost airlines, low level of service? In my experience not.

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