If you live in the Southwest or need to travel to the Southwest, you travel with Southwest Airlines most of the time. Airline guide to know all the flights available and the arrival and departure times, as well as the fares and all the necessary information about your trip. However, in order to save money and make your trip easier, there are a few tips that you should follow.


1. You have to look for the best available rates for a travel program and since these are very limited in time you need to quickly decide which is the best for you.They can plan your travel visit in advance and check the airline’s website or help save big bucks.


2. You can also participate in the Southwest Frequent Flyer Program, which allows you to purchase tickets for your short trips with frequent visits to Southwest and use the free tickets for your longer, more expensive trips.


3. Because Southwest believes that boarding is better and it takes less time to board travelers in groups, no seats will be allocated. You have groups A, B and C, with A being the best group that will give you the opportunity to board. On the one hand, you can also choose additional seats and secure a container for your hand luggage with the Astatus.You would be given a C status that would leave you in a middle seat, or you would have to check in your carry-on baggage.


4. The airline pilot stands under the jetway prior to the arrival of the incoming flight and must line up prior to the arrival of the flight. Seat in the departure area, but this works if your seat is in the queue or row next to a seat.


5. Sometimes you have to wait for your passport. You can get a pass by paying a small fee to some companies that will help you reserve your pass in advance.


6.Before general boarding, children between the ages of five and eleven who are not accompanied by seniors, adults traveling with a child under five and people with physical disabilities can get on ahead. Your reservation and check-in must include your personal or special status.


7. You used to have to print your boarding pass at home even if it was midnight before your trip, but now there is a 24-hour window where you can get printed boarding passes.


8. You must weigh your baggage before boarding the flight, and as there are baggage regulations, you can carry a small briefcase or handbag and large items must be placed in the overhead bins. If you have a C status and all containers are full, you have to check in your hand baggage.


9.You should try to be on time and go straight to the row you choose when boarding, drop your bags and sit down instead of chatting with your friends, if the plane is full you can go back and never go back. that you cannot go into the upper compartment as you are responsible for storing your luggage at that moment.


10. You can take advantage of the freebies and discounts during your stay on the forum as you get some discount coupons and you get quick rewards and credits that you can use on your future trip.

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