A frightened traveler who gets on an airplane often doesn’t remember a single fact or number about flight safety. without having a nervous breakdown and desperately wanting to know that they will arrive safely at their destination in order to be able to get off the plane again.


This is what happens to me when I get on a plane. I am discouraged, desperate, in a panic and do not hear anything reasonable what my flight attendant says to me. When I get on a plane I need a cheat sheet; A quick guide to simple statements that I know are true but can’t come up with. Here are a few from my personal list:


1.There are millions of people on thousands of flights EVERY DAY that are very routine and never appear on the news.

2. The airplane was designed to be in the air, that is where it works best.

3. Air is a thick liquid, similar to gelatin. The aircraft is supported by large columns of “gelatinous air”. It has substance, even if I can’t see it.

4.Turbulence in an airplane is like a car going through a pothole in the road, it doesn’t damage the airplane, the wings don’t fall off.

5. The aircraft is designed to withstand more loads than any normal flight situation can generate.

6. Pilots and flight crews do it every day, the sky is their office, they are professionals.

7.Pilots go through extensive, repetitive training for every possible situation, including situations that I hadn’t thought of.

8. The aircraft has many backup systems and can safely fly with various systems that are not working perfectly.

9. The noises I hear are normal and mean the aircraft is working properly.

10. This flight won’t last forever, I’ll pull it through minute by minute and then enjoy my destination.


Sometimes one statement makes more sense than another, it depends on the fear that bothers me the most, it can help to repeat the important points over and over again.Focus on them. Make it mostly come true. I introduce myself as the pilot who just got off to work; a job that he worked hard for, that he loves very much and cares very much about it. He loves to fly and he will take me to my destination and then he will turn around and take more people to his destination. I am just one of the millions of people who will fly today.


Repeating these statements over and over again helps me return to reality and get out of my fog of fear.Your top 10 affirmations can be different. Some of them can be the same. As a fearful traveler, I know how hard it is to remember the events that comforted you in your living room. That’s why I always take my proxy statement cheat sheet with me on every flight.

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