You will find that you need checklists and more checklists every time you travel. Every trip has a standard checklist and a corresponding checklist.


A short weekend getaway to Niagra Falls doesn’t require a passport or you do. You might want to travel to Canada to see the falls from the other side. The checklist would have covered it.


They want to fly to Vegas for the weekend. break the checklists.First, book a flight. You live in a time when you can now book flights from the comfort of your own home. Book online. Try all of the websites at least once a year. I like to discover consolidation locations out of the way.They usually have cheaper prices because they are buying in bulk. The nice thing about these places is that they are not only cheap but like a hidden travel treasure. Sites like or have big names that say exactly what they’re doing.


This is an example of why you need to use multiple websites to find airline tickets. Prices vary by the hour and it’s a competitive business. That’s good for us.


 Here is my checklist for cheap flights:


 * Select a destination. 

 * Access and connect to a computer. 

 * Go to any search engine and enter “cheaper airfare”. 

 * Check the results and select 10 websites. Highlight all 10, organize them in the travel folder.You do not have to use every ten immediately.

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