What do you think of when you talk about a UFO? Remember the cover of a science fiction novel and the image of mysterious blue lights shining from it? When you walked out late at night and saw a flash of light you wondered what it was, only to realize a moment later that what you saw wasn’t a UFO, just the lights of an airplane beginning its descent . Do you think of films, of little green men, of cartoons or do you just turn around and shake your head?


Many people speak of UFOs as flying saucers; seems like the best description you can find. Others claim rather contemptuously that UFO simply means an unidentified flying object and that the light someone saw flashing in the sky was an airplane, helicopter, or a reflection of light from a cell tower or other metallic object.


Light reflections from a cell phone tower do little to explain the “mysterious materials” found in Roswell, New Mexico, in the late 1940s.While the U.S. military always insisted that these materials were simply fragments of a research balloon, top-secret evidence that ended badly, others offer a different explanation: they claim the materials are fragments of a UFO, an alien ship , acted that crashed. instead of landing safely. They believe that the salvaged “flying disk” – as the military called it – could not have been of this world, and so began one of the most talked about UFO encounters in the world.


Many who believe the Roswell, New Mexico UFO deserved more attention than it was given believe that it was not something that could simply be dismissed. In part, this probably has something to do with other stories.A farmer talked about finding materials miles from Roswell, and the story was picked up in the newspapers, accompanied by photos of the strange find: rubber strips, something like aluminum foil, sticks.After the object was reported, it turned out that the trees were damaged, the radio frequencies became static and soil samples later showed radioactive activity.


 Similarly, stories of a UFO started circulating in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1

when a man saw a strange light from his lawn. When he saw the flying saucer, he took a camera and started taking pictures as evidence of what he had seen. Of course, this situation was not just about a UFO sighting, but about repeated experiences and the transport of the man to the ship.


Although discussions of these UFO sightings continue and there are audio recordings and photo documentation, it is still difficult to know whether the unidentified objects in flight actually came from space. Sightings, this man had manipulated the photos and made up the story.


In either case, both parties – believers and skeptics – find evidence to support their claims. Those who believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial visits cite facts that, in their opinion, cannot be explained otherwise.Those who are skeptical offer their own explanations along with their own evidence. Which side is right? You have to decide that first.

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