What is the safest seat on an airplane?   

P A question that fearful airline passengers often ask is: What is the safest seat on an airplane? The answer: none, because accidents can break out anywhere on the plane.


Some people think the closer you are to an emergency exit, the safer it is. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. A fire can break out near the emergency exit or anywhere on the aircraft.And if the emergency exit is blocked, the person sitting closest is in the same situation as the person sitting further away.


Regardless of where the passenger is in the aircraft, one thing in particular minimizes safety risks: attention to and awareness of the surroundings.


To be awake means to be attentive and attentive. Take into account the location of all exits. Listen to all instructions before and during the flight. Don’t drink too much. as well as those of others, such as too much or too much hand luggage, spilling hot drinks, neglecting pointed or sharp-edged objects, etc.Again, use common sense.


Airplane accidents are rare, despite the fears and concerns associated with air travel, but if it happens while in flight it is very important that the passenger stay calm and not panic. Anxiety is a highly contagious disease. Accidents, including on the ground, could have been avoided if panic had been contained. So in the event of an accident, take a deep breath, keep your voice low and follow the line.


There is no such thing as the safest seat in an airplane.But every passenger can choose their safest seat anytime, anywhere, if they want. After all, creating a sense of security in yourself is a mind game.

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